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Stop by Valley Wine & Spirit after work Friday to tast some great wine and our featured bourbon:

Angels Envy Bourbon

MacMurray Pinot Noir Central Coast

Ghost Pines Cabernet

Frei Brothers Chardonnay

Frei Brothers Zinfandel

Macmurray Pinot Grigio

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Wine Tasting Tonight 11/2 from 5-8

Come see us tonight and taste one of the 6 wonderful wines that we will be featuring:

KJ Chardonnay
KJ Avant Chardonnay
KJ Grand Reserve Cabernet
KJ Vintage Reserve Cabernet
KJ Vintage Reserve Merlot
KJ Vintage Sauv Blanc

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Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Do you want to give something more personal?

Valley Wine & Spirits proudly offers free bottle engraving on purchase of the following:

Woodford Reserve
Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Herradura Tequila


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Valley Wine & Spirits will be having a tasting this Friday from 5PM – 8PM.

Enzo Boglietti Dolcetto

Crios Malbec

Crios Cab

Elio Perrone Moscato D’Asti

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Growler Change

Took off Greak Lakes Oktoberfest and added Bells Two Hearted



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Valley Wine & Spirits will be having a beer tasting this Friday July 27th from 5PM – 8PM. We will be  tasting 4 -5 of the 10 growlers on tap as well as St. Stephanus Blonde and Blue Moon Vintage Blonde Ale . Stop in and try a flight of beer for only $1.

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Wine Tasting

Valley Wine & Spirits will be having a wine tasting July 13th, 5PM – 8PM. We will be tasting the fun and delicious wines from Middle Sister. The following flavors will be tasted.

Smart Pants Chardonnay – Some girls are born beautiful. Some girls are born rich.  And some girls are born smart. The smart girls grow up and use their brains to make money to buy great clothes and travel abroad and throw dinner parties…where they serve chardonnay that they didn’t spend a fortune on…in wine glasses brought home from their last trip to Paris. Some girls are born smart. And we think they’re the luckiest girls of all.

Forever Cool Merlot The Age of Aquarius has come and gone, but some things never go out of style. Like flowers, peace and a nice glass of Merlot. Let’s take a moment to toast the sisters who march on to the beat of a different drummer. Nobody stays forever young. But you will always be forever cool. And for that, we salute you. Sip on!

Rebel Red Red Blend – Did you know that birth order is commonly believed to have a profound and lasting effect on psychological development? And that the middle sister has a greater chance of having a special wine named just for her? A sassy blend of our three favorite red varieties perfect for sipping before, during and after our favorite family meals. Some people are just born lucky. Now give me back my blouse.

Sweet & Sassy Moscato – After a long hard day of being fabulous, I like to relax with a glass of wine. But I don’t want it to bite me back. Isn’t there enough drama in this world? That’s why this wine is my new best wine friend. With a touch of natural sweetness, it’s smooth and refreshing and so easy to love. Moscato, always stay as sweet as you are. I’ll handle the sassy part.

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