Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Do you want to give something more personal?

Valley Wine & Spirits proudly offers free bottle engraving on purchase of the following:

Woodford Reserve
Gentleman Jack
Jack Daniels Single Barrel
Herradura Tequila








Valley Wine & Spirits strives to provide the type of selection and price to best serve our patrons.


Featuring a 12-door beer cave, there are beers ranging from the normal to a wide selection of craft beers. Additionally, there are 10 taps where a constant rotation of the best beers are available for tastings and growlers.


The selection of our wine spans the every day type of wines like Kendall Jackson and Barefoot to many higher end brands like Silver Oak. Most Fridays, we have wine tastings with an educated wine salesperson in-house to help provide a good selection and education of the wines tasted.


Our large selection of top quality bourbon is the foundation of our ever growing selection of high end liquor. We also have the standard fair of Jagermeister and every flavor of vodka you could want.


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